Hiring – Modern Missionary



We are looking for employees that are passionate about helping missionaries prepare for their mission.


The key skills we look for are:

  1. Customer Service - We believe that the greatest asset we can have is an employee who knows how to take care of customers.
  2. Hard Working - We can train anyone who will put in the work.


Job Details

  • Store Manager
    • Responsibilities
      • Take care of customers problems and issues
      • Manage all employees at store location
      • Oversee all store operations
      • 30-40 Hr/Week
    • Perks
      • Commission for all store sales
      • Commission for individual sales
      • PTO
      • Flexible Schedule (We work with school schedules)


  • Sales Associate
    • Responsibilities
      • Be a great customer service representative
      • Outfit missionaries, menswear and youth customers
      • Restock inventory and clean store
      • Part-Time or Full-Time
    • Perks
      • Commission for individual sales with a MINIMUM of $10/Hr
      • Flexible Schedule (We work with school schedules)



If you are interested, please email your resume to braiden@modernmissionary.com