CTR CLOTHING – Modern Missionary


CTR Clothing is stronger than ever!!!
20 years ago CTR Clothing was formed to make the best missionary clothing on the market. Since then, a lot has changed. But the mission has stayed constant. We continue to produce the best, most innovative missionary clothing.
Thank you so much for being a part of our story and helping us get to where we are!

Our story


Our CTR Clothing product will continue to be branded CTR Clothing and remain to be the best missionary clothing in the market.
Flagship Stores:
Our CTR Clothing flagship stores rebranded to Modern Missionary in 2017. They will continue to carry CTR Clothing and be a leader in customer service in the market.
Affiliate Stores:
Our affiliate stores will stay the same and will continue to carry the same CTR Clothing products you have fallen in love with. See map below for locations and websites for the store nearest you.
Since 2017 we have had both ctrclothing.com and modernmissionary.com. Both of those websites were fufilled by our Modern Missionary warehouse team. Going forward we will only be using modernmissionary.com. This will help us better represent inventory for all of our online customers.

Where to find CTR Clothing Products?