White Shirt Ironing Tips From Your Local LDS Clothing Store

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White Shirt Ironing Tips From Your Local LDS Clothing Store

When they answer the call, Brothers and Sisters all across the globe begin to prepare to travel abroad to serve as a representative of the Lord. The Church holds a degree of importance for appearances, as a professional display will set the stage for pure thoughts and intentions. As a missionary, it’s essential to keep your Mormon attire looking clean and pristine at all times. Modern Missionary is proud to be your online LDS clothing store, providing CTR Clothing and gear needed by elders who are in the process of fulfilling their packet. From our affordable LDS missionary packages to travel accessories and more, our Mormon clothing store is here to outfit you or your child for success!

Dressing for success is an important part of serving on your mission. As a two-year engagement, this adventure will definitely take its toll on your missionary wardrobe. Today, we’ll discuss how to properly iron your shirt. When ready, be sure to browse our online store to find the products you’ll need to serve proudly!

Let Us Press On!

Keeping your Mormon dress shirt crisp and sharp will help greatly with your overall appearance. Elders who are venturing out on their own may be unprepared for the full rigors of serving abroad and proper LDS clothing care. Read on below for tips on how to get your shirts pressed and looking sharp.

  1. Follow instructions. Everyone has a method for laundering their clothing, but it’s important to check the label on your shirt to determine what iron settings to utilize. Since most dress shirts utilize a cotton and polyester blend, medium to medium-high heat is generally suggested.
  2. Start small. Generally, you are supposed to start in the smallest areas, moving onto the larger sections as you go. Be sure to use smooth, careful strokes for the best result. One mistake many newbies make at this junction is not moving the iron enough. If you stop moving, the heat will quickly begin to dry and burn the fabric. Avoid this at all costs!
  3. Collared up. Make sure your shirt is unbuttoned, then iron the back of your collar flat. Flip the collar over and repeat the process to the front (figure 1). 
  4. Smoothing the cuffs. Hold your shirt with one hand at the shoulder and flatten the cuff at the natural crease with the other hand. Be sure to smooth the sleeves out and lay them on the ironing board. Start on the cuffs, ironing them flat before moving on to the rest of the sleeve (figure 2).
  5. Press the back. Lay your shirt face-down to begin ironing the yoke, or the fabric that runs from one shoulder to the other across your back. Be sure to iron one half at a time for the best results (figure 3).
  6. Go back to the front. Flip your Mormon dress shirt over to place half of the front of the shirt on the board. Start pressing in the shoulder region and begin working your way down to the bottom (figure 4).
  7. Iron the other half. Place your unpressed half of the shirt on the board, ironing it in the same manner as its twin. Remember to iron in between the buttons!
  8. Iron the back. Now flip the shirt over to finish the back of your shirt, working your way from the top down.
  9. Hang it up. Once done, it’s important to immediately hang up your shirt. Let it cool off and dry out for the best results.

Ironing your own shirts (and pants) will go a long way in keeping your appearance both pressed and professional while acting as a representative of the Lord. Wrinkles and creases may seem minor, but the damages that these simple wardrobe malfunctions can have on the effectiveness of your work can be a serious issue. Professional appearances are mandatory, and this ironing guide may prove useful in keeping your closet on point.

Beyond purchasing top-quality LDS clothing, taking care of those materials is the best approach for increasing the longevity of your wardrobe. Modern Missionary is here to help Brothers and Sisters prepare once they receive the call. Our LDS clothing store focuses on premier formal men’s wear, delivering apparel that has quality in every stitch. Browse our online store to find the missionary clothing you need or contact us today for assistance!