Tips To Extend The Life Of Your LDS Missionary Clothing Part 2

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Tips To Extend The Life Of Your LDS Missionary Clothing Part 2

Elders who have received the call to serve face the daunting task of preparing for their mission. While the spiritual preparations are a top priority, it is also important to find the right collection of LDS missionary clothing in order to serve with pride. Modern Missionary is proud to be your go-to LDS clothing store, providing affordable wardrobe options that are designed to last in the worst environments. Previously known as CTR Clothing, our establishment aims to set the standard for how missionary packages and accessories should be purchased. Once you begin your mission, it’s essential to take proper care of each article of clothing to ensure that your outfits last until your job is done.

It’s important to serve with knowledge in order to make the entire process much more enjoyable. Today, we’ll continue to discuss some quality tips that may prove useful in keeping your Mormon clothing in better shape for longer. If you or your child are preparing to answer the call, be sure to shop with us to start your adventure off right!

Suit Pants Care

How you store and wear your suit and dress pants will help to determine their longevity. These style of pants, for example, have a longer draw. This means that they are not built to be worn low on the hip like your favorite pair of jeans. Wearing these pants low can put undue stress on the fabric within the inseam area, creating the risk for unexpected wardrobe failures in the future.

Wear and tear is a major concern for missionaries who have to rely on one or two outfits for their entire mission. How you act and react on a daily basis can have a major impact on the quality of your appearance. One common issue, for example, stems from elders habitually putting their hands in their pockets. While a comfortable stance, this action quickly wears out the lining and fabrics, stressing the seams in the process. What results is a sloppy, loose appearance that can be very hard to correct on the fly.

One common problem that many missionaries face is a snag in the fabric of their suit pants, which can lead to unsightly loops and loose threads. When a snag occurs, be sure to gently pull on each end of the new pucker to smooth the fabric, then push any showing thread to the underside. This second action can be done with a round toothpick for the best results. Gently steaming the pants afterward will also prove helpful by creating a smoother surface while conforming the loose threads below.

Miscellaneous Suit Care

While dry cleaning is useful for obtaining a fresh, smooth outfit, the process is actually very harsh on your fabrics. This is even more the case for the padding and fusible linings that comprise the front of your suit coat. It is much gentler on the materials to utilize spot cleaning devices such as Goddard’s Dry Clean Spot Remover. When you do require dry cleaning for your missionary suit, it’s important to drop off both the coat and pants at the same time. If the dry cleaning process causes a slight change in the colors, you’ll at least have a combination that still matches!

How you wear your missionary shoulder bag can have an affect on your long-term appearance. Modern Missionary recommends alternating which shoulder your bag rests on consistently to avoid unsightly wear and fading on one side. After two years of use, a one-sided approach can lead to obvious issues with your overall appearance.

Every habit you have can affect your wardrobe. Pushing the buttons, for example, is one smart way to ensure the long-term enjoyment of your LDS missionary clothing. While buttons can easily be replaced or repaired, avoiding damages in the first place is the best approach. Many people undress by simply pulling on the fabric until the button comes through. Unbuttoning should include pushing the button through the hole with your thumb. This small maneuver will reduce the stress put on the thread shank that anchors the button, reducing how often you’ll need to sew that button back on. If you are tasked with sewing your button back on, be sure that it isn’t too tight! When tightened, the resulting movements can actually tear the fabric, creating a much bigger headache than what you started with.

Caring for Dress Slacks

Similar to suit pants, it is important to follow the proper instructions when cleaning and caring for your slacks. One important difference is that dress slacks are typically washable. Regardless of the brand, it’s important to clean your dress slacks often enough to ensure that they appear clean and fresh when out in the field. Washing your slacks in cold water and drying on low heat will prove very helpful in maintaining a fresh outfit. When ironing, be sure to keep it on a low heat setting.

Our Featherweight pants from CTR are built to last with Super Tetron fibers. These advanced fibers are 10 times thinner than human hair, allowing us to craft a dense weave that is both lightweight and comfortable. Caring for these dress slacks is easy, too, as you will only need diluted laundry soap and a soft cloth to spot clean.

The amount of care you put into your LDS missionary clothing will determine how much quality and comfort you receive from your wardrobe. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by looking at a few tips for your shirts and shoes. Anyone in need of Mormon clothing for their mission can benefit from shopping with Modern Missionary. Our online collection of CTR Clothing ensures that you are receiving products that are as durable as they are affordable. Shop our store online today to prepare for your mission!