Tips To Extend The Life Of Your LDS Missionary Clothing Part 1

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Tips To Extend The Life Of Your LDS Missionary Clothing Part 1

The sheer amount of effort that is required to serve on your mission can be intimidating. While your focus should be on spiritual preparation and guidance, attention will still need to focused on the wardrobe side of the journey as well. As a representative of the Lord, it is imperative that your outward appearance professionally represents your spirit in all endeavors, Therefore, it is essential to properly prepare and utilize some handy travel tips in the process to minimize the chances of any setbacks. Modern Missionary is your source for the best LDS missionary clothing nationwide, offering quality and affordability with each and every product we offer. Our focus on outfitting modern missionaries with quality missionary packages, travel accessories, and more.

Today, we’ll begin to look at a few tips that Modern Missionary offers young Mormons when they receive the call to serve. When you are ready, be sure to browse our collection of LDS missionary suits, coats, pants and more!

Rotation, Rotation, Rotation…

While a similar phrase is often parlayed in real estate, this version is ideal for traveling missionaries. One mistake that many elders make is utilizing their favorite outfits every day that they can manage. Unfortunately, six months of daily wear and tear can quickly wear out your go-to outfit. The art of rotation can prove useful in preserving your missionary outfits to be used in full for a longer period of time. Our method? Try hanging up your clothing on the left to queue it for wear, then choose the item on the far right in the morning. This deceptively simple system helps to ensure that you are spacing out your clothing.

Pants tend to take on more wear than suits or shirts. As such, it can be helpful to rotate even more when you have suits with two pants. For example, it can be beneficial to wear pants A1 with suit A on the first day. You move to B1 pants the second day with suit B. On the third day, utilize suit A again, but with the second pair of pants. This way, your favorite pair of slacks will be used every fourth day. Generally, it’s recommended to let pants hang for two or three days in order for the wrinkles to hang out.

It is also not wise to use your suit pants as dress slacks. Generally, your suit pants will wear out quicker than the coupled coat. When you can, try to wear your dress slacks more often. If your mission does not require a suit coat, we recommend going with the dress slacks.

Suiting Up Correctly

Numerous tips and tricks are useful in optimizing your outfit and wardrobe. When it comes to your suit, take care of the pants and coat, and they will take care of you. Modern Missionary is all about caring for our LDS missionary clothing, and the first thing we can tell you is to hang that suit up when it isn’t in use! Otherwise, you’ll be burdened with lines and wrinkles that will be impossibly inconvenient when compared to simply placing the suit on the rack. When hung, be sure to check to make sure that all of your pockets are empty. Leaving any gear in the pockets when hung will teach the fabric to bulge and stretch, both of which can be very damaging to the overall appearance. It is also smart to avoid overloading the pockets throughout the day to minimize the stress placed on the fabrics.

Before hanging your suit, it is invaluable to remove any dust or lint. Doing so will help your missionary suit to last longer overall. Be sure to check the cuffs and any other folded areas to ensure that debris hasn’t made a home upon the fabrics. Keeping your suit pressed will contribute greatly to its lifespan and appearance. While not as common of an issue, Modern Missionary still recommends avoiding the use of a hot iron on any synthetic fabric!

When it comes to acquiring the proper wardrobe and taking care of it during their mission, many elders struggle to keep everything perfectly taken care of. Next time, we’ll look at more care tips that can prove useful for maximizing the enjoyment and quality of your missionary wardrobe. Our LDS missionary clothing store, based out of Utah, aims to provide the best clothing and prices to elders nationwide. Those who got the call and are preparing to serve can benefit from visiting our online Mormon store. Shop today to get started or contact us with any questions!