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As the time draws near to serve, many young missionaries face the stress of being fully prepared for the journey. Spending two years in a foreign place can be intense, especially when it is your first time away from home! Brothers and Sisters who answer the call will need to be ready physically, mentally, and spiritually. Acting as a representative of the Church is a big task, and one that requires missionaries to look and act their best at all times. Modern Missionary is proud to be a guide for physical needs, as our Mormon clothing store was built on...

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We’ve all had it happen: you don your best dress shirt in the morning, only to realize that a button has gone missing in the course of laundry proceedings. Serving the Lord in body and spirit means you’ll need clean clothes and a pure heart to triumph over your challenges. Despite all of our best efforts, sometimes, small events such as a lost button can greatly affect your visual appearance. For those in need of LDS missionary clothing nationwide, Modern Missionary is here to help. Our Mormon clothing store strives to deliver comprehensive and affordable missionary packages to help elders...

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