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When they answer the call, Brothers and Sisters all across the globe begin to prepare to travel abroad to serve as a representative of the Lord. The Church holds a degree of importance for appearances, as a professional display will set the stage for pure thoughts and intentions. As a missionary, it’s essential to keep your Mormon attire looking clean and pristine at all times. Modern Missionary is proud to be your online LDS clothing store, providing CTR Clothing and gear needed by elders who are in the process of fulfilling their packet. From our affordable LDS missionary packages to...

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Mormon missionaries walk. A lot. Those of us that are not experts at math still know the feeling of walking up to 20 miles a day over the course of a 730-day mission. Acquiring the proper Mormon attire and travel gear to serve is an important part of the process once you are called. It’s essential to find a local Mormon clothing store to check off all of the boxes in your packet, as well as the extra stuff needed to keep happy and healthy while away from home. Modern Missionary is proud to be your go-to provider of LDS...

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Missionaries walk a lot, plain and simple. Elders have been known to walk up to 20 miles a day, which can quickly add up over the course of 730 days! The wear and tear placed on missionary shoes and their respective owner can add up quickly, especially in hot and humid climates. Every year, numerous missionaries are sent home due to fungal and bacterial issues, ingrown toenails, stress fractures, blisters, and more. With all of the time spent on your feet, one thing becomes apparent — your missionary footwear is the most important part of your wardrobe! Modern Missionary is...

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Elders who have received the call to serve face the daunting task of preparing for their mission. While the spiritual preparations are a top priority, it is also important to find the right collection of LDS missionary clothing in order to serve with pride. Modern Missionary is proud to be your go-to LDS clothing store, providing affordable wardrobe options that are designed to last in the worst environments. Previously known as CTR Clothing, our establishment aims to set the standard for how missionary packages and accessories should be purchased. Once you begin your mission, it’s essential to take proper care...

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