Stain Removal Tips From Your LDS Missionary Clothing Store Part 2

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Stain Removal Tips From Your LDS Missionary Clothing Store Part 2

Regardless of how careful we are, stains do happen. Acquiring a stain on your outfit can prove to be the perfect day-ruiner. For elders who are serving their mission, a stain can equate to far more stress. It’s important to take care of your LDS missionary clothing, keeping everything clean and pressed in order to represent the Lord with professionalism. Modern Missionary is proud to supply CTR Clothing products to Orem and beyond. Our Mormon clothing store is also available online to help people prepare to serve once they are called. From sturdy ties to men’s dress slacks and more, our shop is here with the best products and service to ensure that you are ready for this higher calling.

The Church holds strong restrictions on how missionaries can dress. When a stain shows up during your mission, it’s important to quickly resolve the issue to prevent further issues. Today, we’ll continue to discuss stain removal tips to help anyone with the misfortune of fighting a tough stain. After reading, be sure to stop by our LDS missionary clothing store, or contact us with any questions!

Types of Stains

The nature of the stain affecting your missionary suit can greatly determine what steps to take next. It’s important to quickly respond and utilize the proper techniques. Follow our suggestions below the next time you’re caught with a tricky mess on your outfit!


This common issue can create serious problems if left untreated. Blood is rich in protein, which consists of enzymes which work to accomplish various tasks for your circulatory system. These enzymes aid in the chemical changes in your body as well. It’s best to attack blood stains when they are fresh to optimize your success rate. If left to dry, the work becomes more intense, but everything's not lost. Your stain treatment will depend on whether or not it is a:

  • Fresh stain. Be sure to rinse the stain in cold water. It’ll be helpful to use a pure soap bar, such as Ivory or Zote Soap, to attack the problem area. These alkaline products will work to digest the low levels of protein in your blood. Once the protein is broken down, the stain will be able to dissolve quicker. If the stain remains, continue the process until a clean slate is achieved.
  • Dried stain. Scrape the dried blood off as much as possible. When you’ve done as much as you can, begin soaking the stain in warm water with a detergent that contains the enzymes needed to break blood down. After a soak, wash and spot check. Re-wash if necessary, or use a non-chlorine bleach on clothing that allows it. If your stain won’t budge, products such as rust removers can help to further break down the blood. As always, be sure to follow any and all instructions!


The joys of this cocoa product can quickly evaporate once a sticky drop lands on your dress shirt. Be sure to minimize contact with the stain to avoid rubbing it deeper into the fabric. When possible, pre-treat the spot with a liquid laundry detergent. After the recommended amount of time elapses, wash with a non-chlorine detergent in the hottest water allowed by the fabric’s instructions.


This oily substance is as common as it is frustrating. Not only is grease hard to effectively remove, it can become a permanent part of your wardrobe when thrown in the dryer. Be sure to pre-treat the problem area with a liquid laundry detergent, rubbing the solution deep into the stain. Once treated, wash the fabric in the hottest water temperature allowed. If this doesn’t work, repeat the process. If the grease stain is heavy, you can try dampening the stain and rubbing it with a pure soap bar.


Perspiration is a part of the job, and one aspect that can quickly sap the comfort and quality of your missionary outfits. Start by dampening any sweat stains in warm water. Then, your fabrics can benefit from the use of a pure soap bar. If your fabric allows it, wash everything in hot water with a chlorine bleach. Be sure not to use this bleach on blended or synthetic fabrics!

Excess sweat can also change the color of your fabrics. If this happens, you can benefit from adding vinegar to help find the grimy appearance. Be sure you spot-check your cleaning material on the inside seam of your clothing to ensure that the appearance comes out correctly. Wash on the hottest allowable setting and be sure to follow any and all directions!

Taking care of your clothing is always a smart move, but for elders charged with maintaining their missionary outfits, the consequences are even larger. Modern Missionary is here to help you prepare for your mission, offering cost-effective missionary packages and knowledgeable advice every step of the way. We offer quality LDS missionary clothing at our Orem store and online. Stop in today to properly prepare to serve or shop online here to get started!