Stain Removal Tips From Your LDS Missionary Clothing Store Part 1

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Stain Removal Tips From Your LDS Missionary Clothing Store Part 1

When serving on your mission, it’s important to uphold a professional appearance. After all, you are representing the Church and traveling as a messenger for the Lord. Acquiring the proper LDS missionary clothing is essential before checking in at the Missionary Training Center. Modern Missionary is proud to provide affordable missionary packages and travel accessories to best prepare elders for their upcoming tasks. Our collection of leather shoes, dress slacks, and more ensure that you are supplied with durable products that hold up in any climate.

While our missionary suits are designed look great across the globe, they cannot always hold up to the stains brought on by food, drinks, and daily activities. Today, we’ll take a cursory look into stain removal tips to help people when they are representing the Church. Remember that it pays to stock up, so be sure to take advantage of our affordable missionary clothing packages. Through the end of October, our 2-pant suits are 2 for only $300!

Stain Removal Instructions

It’s important to ALWAYS read and follow the fabric care instructions for your missionary outfits. Otherwise, you may be stuck with damaged, unsightly clothing! Another important tip to remember is to always test stain removal methods on a hidden area of your clothing before taking action to protect against any damages, fading, or additional staining.

Sooner Equals Better

The quicker you treat a stain, the better your results will be. Allowing a stain to set in and dry will allow the stain to bond with the fabric, creating more work for you to ensure a clean outcome. If you sustain or find a stain in your daily travels, be sure to treat it in the meantime until you are able to return home for proper care. Using products such as Tide To Go® can prove very helpful in mitigating the damages. Detergent sticks or fabric wipes are helpful, but if nothing is available, water is helpful for preventing the stain from fully setting. Use caution in doing this! It’s important to carefully dab moisture onto the stain, as pushing too much can rub the stain deeper into the fabrics of your missionary clothing, creating additional headaches.

Look Before You Dry

One action that numerous elders are secretly guilty of is throwing their Mormon attire into the dryer before inspecting the stained area to ensure that the problem has been lifted. If you find that the stain is still present, pretreat the fabric in the same manner as you did before, but allow the article more time to soak before washing. Failing to spot-check the stain before drying it can result in serious issues. The drying process is often at fault for making the stains on clothing permanent! Removing moisture and introducing high temperatures

Taking proper care of your missionary outfits is essential for keeping your wardrobe looking professional and clean at all times. Life happens, and oftentimes fabric stains are a result. Next time, we’ll continue to look at stain treatment tips and will be looking closer into directions that help with several different types of stains. It can prove to be very beneficial to properly educate and train yourself in a wide range of clothing care techniques to help keep your suits in prime condition. Modern Missionary is here to help elders answer the call dressed in comfort and quality. Also known by CTR Clothing, our lineup of LDS missionary clothing is known for delivering uncompromising style and durability. Stop by our store in Orem or shop online today to find the gear you need to spread the Word!