Saving Soles With Proper Missionary Shoe Care Tips Part 2

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Saving Soles With Proper Missionary Shoe Care Tips Part 2

Mormon missionaries walk. A lot. Those of us that are not experts at math still know the feeling of walking up to 20 miles a day over the course of a 730-day mission. Acquiring the proper Mormon attire and travel gear to serve is an important part of the process once you are called. It’s essential to find a local Mormon clothing store to check off all of the boxes in your packet, as well as the extra stuff needed to keep happy and healthy while away from home. Modern Missionary is proud to be your go-to provider of LDS clothing in Orem. Our shop holds the inventory and advice needed to help elders every step of the way. Formerly known as CTR Clothing, our brand also provides comfortable, affordable LDS clothing online to supply convenience as well as quality to everyone.

One article that our mission guides will focus on is footwear. Procuring the best-fitting missionary shoes is an essential part of serving comfortably. Many elders face the challenge of budgeting for shoewear, and plenty of it. A second step of equal importance is to maintain your shoes. This is even more true for those proselytizing in hot and humid climates. From fungal and bacterial issues to stress fractures, infections, blisters, and more, the consequences of not taking care of your feet can ultimately send you home. Today, we’ll continue to discuss missionary shoe care tips and other miscellaneous tidbits to help you along the way. If you’re in need of the best LDS missionary clothing at great prices, be sure to stop by our store today!

Lacing Up Every Time

One activity that many of us have been guilty of is the process of taking off our shoes and putting them on while they are tied. Many people, especially when busy, tend to kick off their kicks at the end of the day and leave them laced up. In the morning, the same action is repeated as the shoes are put on while the strings are tightly knotted. Don’t do this! For one, the added wear and tear will quickly cause damage to the heel counters in your Mormon shoes. Heel counters are the key component to your shoe’s support system, residing at the heel and providing proper support while walking or standing. When the heels of your shoes become worn down and the structural support crumbles, you may actually be doing more harm than good to your feet. Heel counters help with alignment, and stepping on broken counters may put your heel in a dangerous position.

Tying and untying your shoes each time you suit up will help you remain comfortable and increase your missionary shoewear’s lifespan. Be sure to use a shoehorn, placing it about one inch away from the heel. Doing so will keep your shoes sturdy and your feet happy!

Lace Reinforcements

While our last blog mentioned the importance of bringing extra missionary shoes for your travels, the truth is that bringing extra shoelaces can prove to be equally important. Modern Missionary supplies the highest quality shoes, and we’re confident that they’ll hold up under pressure. The laces, however, are not quite as sturdy. When your shoelaces begin to wear out and break down, the lack of support for your feet can equate to numerous issues. Walking ten miles a day is hard, but doing it with blisters is just plain tough! Another issue that arises when serving abroad is the lack of access to replacement shoewear. Your cordovan or brown shoes may look nice, but only if matching laces are included. These handy replacements are small, lightweight, and very affordable. Bringing extra shoelaces may prove to be the difference between happy feet and a miserable time.

Insole Satisfaction

While our missionary shoes are made to last comfortably, the truth is that insoles provide the insulation and comfort you may need to serve effectively. Providing extra cushioning for each footfall can help to reduce overall fatigue and prevent soreness in problem areas. Generally, you’ll be faced with two types of insoles to choose from, each with their own benefits:

  • Closed cell insoles are produced by Spenco® and consist of nitrogen-induced cells that are designed to absorb vertical forces, torque, and shearing. Since they do not compress, they generally last longer than other kinds of insoles.
  • Open cell insoles are designed to compress, and their increased airflow help to absorb odors and reduce the temperature for your feet. 

It’s important to stock up on insoles as well. Proper care, including washing, will help the foams to last longer and smell better. Generally, your insoles should be replaced after 120 uses.

Success with Socks

Part of your daily comfort comes from the socks you don. The material of your sock will depend heavily on the climate you serve in, whether you need wool for warmth or acrylic for cooler, drier feet. Another good idea is to buy antimicrobial socks to help fight against bacteria and fungus problems.

Take care of your socks, and they will take care of you. To begin, be sure to put your socks on properly. This action consists of gathering your sock onto your feet and into the heel area before pulling up. Putting them on by pulling on the tops can result in unnecessary stretching and premature degradation. It is also important to change and wash your socks at least once per day. Doing so will keep everything cleaner and therefore keep your feet healthier. One way to improve cleanliness is to wash your socks inside out.

No matter where you end up, it is essential to take proper care of your feet and Mormon shoewear to ensure the best outcome while you’re on your mission. From the extreme conditions to extended travel distances, your shoes will require upkeep to remain sturdy and comfy. Modern Missionary is your source for quality LDS clothing in Orem and nationwide through our online store. Our focus on high-quality products and affordable pricing help elders across the country prepare to serve the Lord in a professional manner. Browse our shop online or contact us for help with your shopping questions!