Saving Soles With Proper Missionary Shoe Care Tips Part 1

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Saving Soles With Proper Missionary Shoe Care Tips Part 1

Missionaries walk a lot, plain and simple. Elders have been known to walk up to 20 miles a day, which can quickly add up over the course of 730 days! The wear and tear placed on missionary shoes and their respective owner can add up quickly, especially in hot and humid climates. Every year, numerous missionaries are sent home due to fungal and bacterial issues, ingrown toenails, stress fractures, blisters, and more. With all of the time spent on your feet, one thing becomes apparent — your missionary footwear is the most important part of your wardrobe!

Modern Missionary is proud to be your national provider of top-quality LDS clothing online, supplying all of the Mormon attire you need for the Temple, attending Church, or serving on your mission. By focusing on modern styles and quality construction with each product, we are able to supply missionary outfits that are built to last. Part of this intensive shopping process includes finding the perfect shoes when you receive the call. Today, We’ll look at a few missionary shoe tips to keep your feet happy and healthy, delivering comfort for your sore body during this physically demanding process. Be sure to browse our Mormon clothing store when you’re ready to shop for the best products in the industry!

Stocking Up on Well-Fitting Footwear

The best way to tackle your shoe needs is to determine how many pairs of shoes you’ll need and which ones offer the best fit. Missionary shoewear requires a lot of use, and therefore makes it essential to find the pair the fits you best. If the shoes do not feel right in the store, chances are that those minor issues will have big ramifications in the field. With the high number of steps being taken on a daily basis, it’s important to find a shoe that has a spacious toe box. That is, the area that houses your toes should provide plenty of room for them to move around. Purchasing shoes that are on the short side will cramp your toes, affecting your gait and creating a mess of problems!

Buying enough quality footwear is another issue that many elders struggle with before they serve. The highest quality shoes available will tend to wear out around 1,000 miles, or even sooner in humid climates. While our care tips can help in preparing you to serve, it’s important to note that many missionaries will walk their way through three or four pairs of shoes during their mission.

Rotation and more Rotation

Similar to our advice on suit coats and pants, it’s very beneficial to rotate your shoes out on a daily basis. The intense amount of travel in your shoes will make them sweaty and affect their natural shape. Giving your missionary footwear a day or two to rest can help them to dry out and reform again.

Utilizing Shoe Trees

While many people fail to heed quality advice, others are benefitting from purchasing a quality shoe tree for daily use. Raw cedar is handy for wicking away moisture, salts, and body acids. Properly utilizing a shoe tree will help your shoe to retain its natural shape. By wicking away moisture, this shoe accessory works to keep the leather from cracking. Those that are serving in humid climates or areas with seasonal rainfall can benefit even more so, as the drying of the shoes’ interior lining helps to fight rot and premature wear.

Avoiding Creases

Your leather missionary shoes will hold natural creases that form from normal use. Any unnatural creasing can quickly wear down the leather and cause a premature breakdown, which is the last thing you want to deal with while serving. One common cause of this creasing stems from prayer, where missionaries will kneel and place their weight on the backs of their shoes, bending the toes out flat for balance and comfort. Modern Missionary suggests that you a) keep praying! And b) make sure that your shoes are face down while praying to avoid bending the materials unnecessarily.

Daily Tasks, Long-Term Comfort

After 14 hours of walking and proselytizing, you’ll undoubtedly want to head to your place and kick your missionary shoewear into a pile next to the door. While this small measure helps you to evade a few extra minutes of maintenance, the long-term discomfort and premature wear makes taking the time to take proper care of your shoes in the immediate future much more recommended. For one, it pays to ensure that your shoes are untied before putting them on or taking them off. Using a shoehorn will be helpful in avoiding damaging the heel of your shoe, and will go a long ways in keeping everything in the right place.

Be sure to inspect and brush the debris off of your shoes on a daily basis. Dust can penetrate into seams and creases, working to cause excess friction and wearing your shoes down quicker in the process. When everything is cleaned and clear, it helps to “missionary shine” your shoes to both look good and protect against further damages.

Taking care of your feet is one of the most important tasks that comes with serving in the name of the Lord. When you take the time to care for your missionary shoes, the resulting difference will be night and day. Next time, we’ll look at a few more footwear tips that may prove helpful for elders who are about to serve abroad. Modern Missionary is proud to be your go-to LDS clothing store, providing affordable products that are as durable as they are comfortable. From travel accessories to Mormon ties, we have the gear you need to serve confidently. Browse our shop today to get started or contact us for assistance with any questions you have!