Previewing The Tools To Help Missionaries Prepare For Their Service Part 1

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Previewing The Tools To Help Missionaries Prepare For Their Service Part 1

As elders and sisters of the Church, it falls on you to prepare to serve on your mission. This two-year undertaking can be hard to prepare for both mentally and physically. From long days spent on your feet to hours spent explaining the word of the God to a wide range of people, today’s modern missionaries have their hands full. However, beyond the challenges of these tasks lay the spiritual fortitude needed to represent the Lord in all His glory. Being spiritually strong depends on a wide range of factors that should be addressed to best optimize your body and mind for any challenges ahead. Modern Missionary is here to be here your source for everything you need for your mission! Our quality collection of LDS missionary clothing packages, separates, and accessories ensure that you have the wardrobe needed for the road ahead. From complete LDS missionary suits to comfortable, rugged shoewear, our expert team is here to get you ready.

While our Mormon clothing store is centered in Utah and online to equip elders with the equipment needed to thrive as a representative of the Church, there are many other tools that should be utilized to prepare missionaries for the challenges and triumphs ahead. In 2010, President Monson released a description of a few important resources that can prove very helpful in preparing for missionary service. Today, we’ll begin to look at some of these resources to help future missionaries prepare so that they can be at their best. When done, be sure to visit our LDS missionary clothing store to find the apparel you need!

For the Strength of Youth

This informative pamphlet was released by the Church of Latter Day Saints to deliver a summation of guidance and support for young men and women. The Lord has placed great faith in us to uphold His covenants, placing the choice on the individual as to how they will overcome challenges and obstacles to create the ideal kingdom for the Second Coming. Available online, this resource goes into detail on a wide variety of challenging topics that offer guidance, as well as chances for improvement and reflection. Elders and sisters should get familiar with this document, as it provides helpful insight and guidance into every facet of life, including:
  • Agency and Accountability. The Lord has tasked you with the ability to choose between right and wrong in all endeavors, and how you respond to this task will aid in determining your afterlife. God trusts us to make the right choices and expects that choice to be made regardless of the views of friends and family. You have the freedom to choose your path, but ultimately, you will not be able to choose your consequences. It’s essential to keep a record of positive and pure choices, as taking the righteous path will result in eternal happiness.
  • Dating. A big topic that is important for many young people, the process of taking another person out on a date that is approved by the Church, as dating promotes enhanced social skills, better friendships, and a communal goal of purity and fun. When dating, it’s recommended that you team up with other couples and go on dates with different individuals, providing more chances to know more people while avoiding the development of immoral tendencies. Your honor and virtue are a top priority, so always be mindful when out on a date.

  • Dress and Appearance. Representing the Lord may sound like a lot of pressure, but clothing yourself in a clean and professional manner will help to show others how precious your body is to you. This visual statement is important for many missionaries, as it is vital to communicate to others that your body is sacred and will be treated as such. Lowering your dress standard will only hurt in this holy task, as dressing immodestly can tell others that you are only using your body as a means of gaining attention. As a representative of the Lord, it's essential to look sharp and professional at all times. Our LDS missionary clothing store is here to help in this endeavor!
Serving is no easy task, but one that helps in preparing the world for the Second Coming. As your decisions are made, continually making moral choices will help to build your faith and testimony in God. Next time, we’ll continue to look at this pamphlet and discuss how beneficial it can be for missionaries who are preparing to serve.

Anyone preparing for this task can benefit from shopping with Modern Missionary for everything listed in their packet and more. Our LDS missionary clothing is made to provide the comfort and quality needed for proselytizing over long hours in a variety of climates. Traveling abroad often requires a panoply of supplies for an enjoyable outcome, and we’re proud to have the gear and expertise needed to get you ready. Shop today to get started or contact us with any questions you may have!