Laundry Basics To Keep Your LDS Missionary Clothing Fresh

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Laundry Basics To Keep Your LDS Missionary Clothing Fresh

Serving as a representative of the Lord is a big job, but one that elders take on in earnest to spread the word about Jesus and his teachings. One key area that many young elders struggle with once they arrive in a new place is keeping their laundry optimally clean. Your Mormon attire serves as a visual representation of the Church, requiring every piece of your wardrobe to be clean and pristine. As a top provider of quality LDS missionary clothing, Modern Missionary is here to provide the materials and advice needed to answer the call. Our wide selection of wardrobe choices and missionary packages ensures that you’ll fulfill the packet requirements and more.

Formerly known as CTR Clothing, our missionary clothing store strives to deliver quality products that are as durable as they are affordable. Our experts are here to help every step of the way to outfit you with confidence. Today, we’ll look into a few laundry tips that we have established to help you serve in style.

Getting Organized

Brothers and Sisters will know the pain of jumbling their laundry together into a messy pile. It’s always best to organize your dirty clothing by fabric type, being mindful to separate delicates from heavy materials and so on. Your missionary suit relies on being clean and lint-free, so be sure to avoid tossing in that old fuzzy towel!

Separate your dirty laundry by color as well. Light-colored shirts should always spin in a different load than dark pants. This will help with overall color retention and keep your wardrobe as vivid as it was the day you bought it from Modern Missionary!

It is also important to be mindful of how soiled your clothing is before throwing it in the wash. Remember that heavily soiled items can transfer that dirt and grime to your more pristine products. As such, the extra-dirty fabrics should be washed separately.

Treating Stains

Through the course of the day, Brothers and Sisters will come under fire from all sorts of stain-causing materials. From the street travel to your dinner, even the smallest of stains will have a majorly negative impact on your overall appearance. When your missionary clothing looks a lot worse for the wear, be sure to treat the stain in an appropriate manner before washing to receive a clean, spotless wardrobe.

Reading the proper care instructions is mandatory for the best outcome for your LDS clothing. Generally, stains can be fought with any of the following techniques:

  • Pre-treat - Simply spot-clean the area by rubbing in your detergent or detergent paste gently, giving the liquid a few minutes to set into the fabric. Then, wash the article as usual.
  • Presoak - Heavy-set and stubborn stains can be fought with the hottest allowable water for the fabric. Soak your articles in this hot water for up to 30 minutes before washing to help break down the stain materials.
  • Prewash - Like a wash before a wash! This approach is best for heavily soiled items, where a little extra kick is needed. Use your laundry detergent in accordance with a prewash, then launder the clothing in the hottest water allowed for best results.

Setting the Temperature

The water temperature for your laundry expeditions will play a big role in the outcome. While it’s always best to precisely follow the care instructions, below are a few general rules to follow when determining the heat of your H2O:

  • Hot water is used for the most productive results but at the risk of running colors. This temp is ideal for socks, sheets, and any other colorfast products. Remember, if the label says to avoid hot water, we would recommend going to a cooler temperature!
  • Warm water is best intended for synthetic fabrics and permanent press items. Essentially, you are looking for enough heat to adequately clean the material without causing any issues.
  • Coldwater, while not as effective for fighting dirt and grime, is an appealing option for non-colorfast clothing. The cooler water also saves time, as there is no need to heat the water to begin with. Cold water is also helpful for reducing the chances of your fabrics wrinkling. 

Introducing Additives

The world of laundry includes several components that can have a big impact on the overall cleanliness and freshness of your missionary outfits. Detergents, to start, vary in purpose and composition. Be sure to pick one that you know will hold up while serving abroad. Non-chlorine bleach is another liquid that can be used in addition to the detergent for maximized results. Again, use caution and follow the rules for this product carefully. Once in the dryer, your clothing can benefit from dryer sheets or liquid softeners to combat lint while also making your clothes fresh and soft.

Dutiful Drying

Drying your missionary wardrobe is the next step in the laundry process. While this step is relatively simple, there are a few ways in which elders can go astray. Synthetic and permanent press items should not be exposed to high heat. Cotton items can deal with medium heat, which you will not have to worry about since you organized the dirty laundry by fabric type and soiled intensity. The level of dryness you want to achieve will depend on what you are planning on doing with your missionary attire. For example, it’s useful to leave the clothing damp or slightly less dry for ironing purposes. Articles that are heavier or have thicker seams, such as towels, can be dried more to allow for a more thorough job.

Clean clothes and a pure heart will triumph. With knowledge and a little practice, every elder will quickly become a master at their craft come laundry day. It’s essential to know proper laundering techniques in order to look your brightest while you represent the Lord. Once they have answered the call, most individuals will understand the value of purchasing and donning high-quality LDS missionary clothing. Modern Missionary is proud to be your source of missionary packages and accessories to help elders thrive. Our CTR Clothing collection ensures that you have the ideal wardrobe at an affordable price. Shop today or contact our experts with any questions!