How To Sew On A Button With Your LDS Missionary Store

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How To Sew On A Button With Your LDS Missionary Store

We’ve all had it happen: you don your best dress shirt in the morning, only to realize that a button has gone missing in the course of laundry proceedings. Serving the Lord in body and spirit means you’ll need clean clothes and a pure heart to triumph over your challenges. Despite all of our best efforts, sometimes, small events such as a lost button can greatly affect your visual appearance. For those in need of LDS missionary clothing nationwide, Modern Missionary is here to help. Our Mormon clothing store strives to deliver comprehensive and affordable missionary packages to help elders answer the call. From the socks on your feet to the messenger bag over your shoulder, our experts are here to offer the missionary clothing and gear needed to succeed with His guidance.

Replacing a button will help to keep your wardrobe looking professional and complete, restoring that missing piece of the puzzle for your stellar appearance. Today, we’ll go over a few steps that can help elders who are about to venture out on their own. When done, be sure to browse our collection of CTR Clothing items to find the pieces needed for your mission!

Mending Your Ways

The actual process of sewing on a button is relatively simple, and the skill itself will help in keeping your buttons safe and secure. Read on for the process of sewing on two different button styles.


Flat Buttons

  1. Replacement. Oftentimes, extra buttons will be included with your missionary clothing, placed in an inside pocket or sewn into the garment itself. When a button is not available, be sure to replace it with a button that is the same size and color. Skimping on your choice here can result in a shoddy appearance, so be sure to choose correctly!
  2. Threading up. You will also need to find a thread to secure the button to your clothing. Remember to find a color that is close to the original!
  3. Cut your thread to be roughly three feet in length. Once cut, fold the thread in half and push the folded end through the eye of your chosen needle. Move the needle to the middle of your thread and fold it in half again to add strength. Tie your four ends together to knot them, then be sure to double-knot it for extra hold (see figure 1).
  4. Place the button. If the fabric you are working with is very thick, it can help to allow for extra slack to allow space for future buttoning operations. Elders can benefit from using a match or toothpick to provide consistent spacing between the button and fabric.
  5. Begin sewing by pushing the needle up through the fabric from the underside and through one of the holes in the button. Pull your thread through until the knot is anchored.
  6. Place the needle downward and thread it through the next hole, being sure to penetrate the fabric beneath (see figure 2).
  7. Repeat these steps three times to ensure that your button is secured with multiple strands for the best results.
  8. Finish on the underside, tying a knot and then remove the match or toothpick if applicable. Be sure to knot the thread again to keep everything secure.

Shank Buttons

These buttons are intended for heavier clothing materials, such as your missionary suit coat, outer coat, and so on. Shank buttons are unique from the flat option in that they utilize a device that provides that much-needed space between the button and the fabric when buttoned up. Our LDS missionary suits are built to last, so be sure to take proper care of your fabrics for the best results!

  1. Repeat the first three steps from the previous instructions. Finding the right thread is important, but not as important as finding a matching button!
  2. Place your button in its target location and then place your toothpick or match over the top of the button (refer to figure 3).
  3. Starting from the underside, push your needle through the fabric and into the center hole, pulling until the thread stops. Push the needle back through the second hole and back up again through the third and fourth holes, making four or five passes to ensure a secure attachment.
  4. Remove your toothpick or match and lift the button up until the thread and stitchings are taut. Wind the thread around your stitches to make the shank itself (see figure 4). Once this is done, be sure to restitch your thread into the shank five or six times to keep the button secured. When finished, tie a double knot to keep everything secured (figure 5).

While this process may feel time-consuming at first, many elders pick up the task quickly. Being able to secure your own buttons as a representative of the Church is essential, as a professional appearance is a major part of the missionary program. Modern Missionary is proud to be one of the top Mormon clothing stores in the country, providing apparel that is as durable as it is affordable. Our LDS missionary clothing packages ensure that you have the right gear at an unbeatable price. Browse our online store today or stop by our Orem location to find the missionary gear you need to succeed!