Fun Facts About The Provo MTC With Your Mormon Clothing Store Part 1

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Fun Facts About The Provo MTC With Your Mormon Clothing Store Part 1

The Church of Latter Day Saints has created a global approach to spreading the word of Christ and all of His wisdom. Every day, more than 70,000 Brothers and Sisters across the globe work to complete His mission. Before setting forth on their assignments, elders are sent to one of the 15 Missionary Training Centers across the globe. The MTC in Provo has recently undergone extensive construction to offer updated facilities and better training services. Serving on your mission is one of the highest callings within the Church, and dressing the part is essential. Modern Missionary is your source for quality LDS missionary clothing for a variety of climates, offering affordable, durable products in addition to our helpful service. From travel accessories to comprehensive missionary clothing packages, you’ll have the gear needed to represent the Lord in a sharp and comfortable fashion.

Our missionary packages are perfect for equipping you or your child for the task ahead. We’re here to help you in any way possible to better prepare when you receive the call to serve. Today, we’ll discuss a few interesting facts about the Provo Missionary Training Center to give children of the Church a little more insight into what happens at this prestigious academy. When done, be sure to browse our online clothing store to find the missionary gear you need to proselytize with pride!

Multilingual Missionaries

Being able to interact, communicate, and serve with different populations across the world is an essential part of the LDS Church. With the recent inclusion of Malay, the Provo MTC now teaches 58 languages. Each teacher within the center is either a native speaker of the language or has become fluent through his or her own missionary experience. These guides are here to do just that — guide young adults who often have never been away from home to learn the language and customs of the country in which they are assigned. This approach provides valuable insight and guidance for elders, creating a system to help missionaries adapt and thrive in their new settings.

Intensive Instructions

The MTC serves as a more rigorous institution for education that is based on the Gospel fundamentals. While elders have prepared their entire lives for this mission with courses and groups through school and through weekly church visits, the daily curriculum at the MTC is much more focused and intense in terms of education and preparation. LDS missionaries spend nine hours of their day in class receiving instruction. As a missionary, your week will typically consist of:

  • Daily practice in learning and teaching others on the Bible.
  • Classroom instructions based on Gospel fundamentals.
  • Service opportunities.
  • Devotional address from Church leaders and the center’s staff.
The Provo MTC strives to train and prepare thousands of young missionaries for the road ahead. Next time, we’ll continue our blog series on the topic by discussing a few more insightful facts that may help you better understand the Church and its direction. As a quality provider of the best LDS missionary clothing in the industry, Modern Missionary is here to outfit you with quality! Our collection of missionary suits, separates, and accessories will help you to take on the challenges ahead with a smile. Contact us today for answers to any of your questions or browse our LDS missionary clothing store online to begin shopping!